you found me! right smack in the middle of a mission: to create a positive impact on the world through uplifting content.

i've lived in texas, pennsylvania and southern california.

i've had exciting opportunities to:
✓ work on film/tv/commercial productions
✓ serve in ministry for 10+ years
✓ design and build sets & stages
✓ graduate improv school
✓ build a mechanical puppet
✓ eat cheese by the pound

i am triple blessed to be the proud papa of two little gals after having married up to my super woman.  ♡

i hope you and yours are encouraged by my content.

capn ben and the magic ship began after releasing my novelty rap video benilla ice. the video was a creative expression set to remind us, in the midst of an increasingly sarcastic culture, to 'just be kind to one another.'  surprise! the video resonated with children which was unexpected and exciting.  'what if i made content in this style- for kids- with the mission of righting the media-ship back to core values of good character that challenge us all to grow and do better?'  start those magic jet engines.

Godspeed and be well, amigos!
ephesians 4:29-32